Property development can be a very difficult process. Between zoning, site planning, utilities, roads and traffic studies, departments of transportation, environmental agencies, municipal engineering departments, planning commissions (and staff), and county or city commissions/councils, development can be overwhelming. With Maddox Development Company, you will find successful navigators who can help guide you through the labyrinth of regulations and red tape that are often encountered in commercial undertakings, ensuring a high level of success for your project.

You deserve personal attention and straightforward, honest, and fair dealings with knowledgeable, professional staff. Whether you’re looking to redevelop an existing property or you seek full turnkey service from land purchase through development and construction, trust Maddox for all facets of your construction and development project.

Our areas of expertise include:

- Conceptual development and vision for your property

- Architectural support for design and function

- Financial considerations and capabilities

- Build to suit

- Engineering, zoning, and permitting

- Construction and/or construction management

- Finalizing and certificate of occupancy

You can’t possibly be an expert in every aspect of development, but when you add Maddox Development to your team, you assure that you have the leading experts in the industry working for you. Years of experience in revitalization, redevelopment, and development from the beginning of existing property and ground-up construction, lets you take advantage of different specialties in all the professions required for successful development and construction management. You can feel confident partnering with Maddox for any development project.

Our extensive experience includes numerous subdivisions, commercial, industrial, and recreational projects including shopping centers, multiple apartment complexes, apartment to condo conversions, custom residential neighborhood development, office buildings, business parks and industrial parks (including flexible space, showroom buildings, and freezer & cold storage), and sports arenas.

We make it our business to know the complexities and nuances of working with interdepartmental and inter-jurisdictional government agencies. Cities, towns, counties and regions have varying degrees of economic development parameters and incentives, and we can make sure that every resource is available and explored for your project.

Entitlement with regard to land development is the legal method of obtaining approvals for the right to develop property for a particular use. The entitlement process is complicated, time consuming and can be costly, but knowing what you can and can't do with a piece of property is vital to determining the real estate feasibility of your project.

We specialize in rezoning and working closely with the appropriate government agencies to reach the desired goal, and can provide statistical and financial analysis to support the claims of your project, whether they are in terms of employment data, or tax dollars.

We can then help you sell or lease the finished product and even manage your property and your investment with specialized property management services, and have the capabilities to market your project to a national and international audience through our highly refined network of industry professionals.

We're here to help you at any level of assistance to suit your needs. Please contact us today regarding your construction and development needs, and find out how Maddox Companies can optimize the scope and success of your project.