Planning commission approves 261-unit residential subdivision developed by Maddox Companies

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - A major new north Knoxville residential development gained overwhelmingly approval at yesterday’s planning commission meeting. The subdivision, developed by Maddox Companies, will include 261 homes and town homes, and is located on Washington Pike behind Target and New Harvest Park.

"This will be the largest residential subdivision developed in the City of Knoxville in the over 20 years,” said developer Steve Maddox.

This approval comes at a time when available housing inventory is reaching all time lows, and resulting rising prices are causing housing affordability to become a major challenge to many Knox County residents.

180820 Site Outlines 2.jpg

Maddox Companies worked with surrounding neighborhood groups and city council to maximize positive impact on the community, including clustering development on the flatter areas of the property to preserve the ridgetop and abate any impact on the adjoining New Harvest Park.

“All the neighborhood groups have been great. We look forward to creating new growth within the city and adding to the tax base. We appreciate the community groups, and especially councilwoman Lauren Rider, for working so closely with us.” developer Steve Maddox said.

For additional information regarding this development, please contact Brandon Clark or Steve Maddox at 865-522-9910, or fill out the form below.

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