City Council Affirms Washington Pike Subdivision Approval

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Knoxville City Council affirmed the Planning Commission’s approval of a new 261 lot neighborhood on Washington Pike after developer Maddox Companies worked to address new concerns raised by some community members.


The subdivision was overwhelmingly approved by the Planning Commission in August. An appeal to the Knoxville City Council, signed by three Knox County residents and one City of Knoxville resident, was filed weeks after the Planning Commission approval.

Maddox had reached out to neighborhood groups and met with community leaders prior to the Planning Commission meeting in August, and volunteered to attend a meeting of the Alice Bell/Springhill Neighborhood Association to present plans for the development.

“We incorporated feedback from community leaders into the design prior to consideration by the Planning Commission. We always seek for our developments to be consistent with the public interests.” said developer Steve Maddox. “We are thankful for the support of the City Council to proceed with the development and help alleviate the housing shortage in Knoxville.”

The act by City Council gives Maddox final approval to move forward.

This subdivision on Washington Pike, located behind Target and New Harvest Park, will include 261 homes and town homes. This will be the largest residential subdivision to be developed in the City of Knoxville in over 20 years.

For more information regarding this development, please contact Brandon Clark or Steve Maddox at 865-522-9910, or fill out the form below.

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