Safety Shelters

Selecting the right construction company for your Survival Shelter project can be
difficult — your family’s protection and survival are too important to leave to chance. You need experience, integrity, personal attention, and versatility. With Maddox Construction Company, Inc., you’ll find a successful record, alongside an impeccable reputation.

Maddox Construction Company, Inc. is currently licensed in Tennessee and Florida and can be licensed in all other states, creating no restrictions on location for your project.

You deserve personal attention and straightforward, honest, and fair dealings with knowledgeable like-minded staff. Whether you’re looking to modify an existing shelter or for full turnkey service from land purchase through design and construction, trust Maddox for all facets of your Survival Shelter project. We can then help you manage your property with specialized property management services.

Our Survival Shelters feature reinforced concrete, corrugated steel, framed modular steel, discreet safe rooms and fire-resistant storage rooms or buildings.

Our structure design features include:

• Lockable Air Valves – makes structure air tight and  waterproof
• Lockable Entrances with ladders, blast doors and hatches
• Emergency exits
• Shielded, 1 or more 90 degree turn in entrance way
• Mud room, shower, hazardous waste disposal
• Ventilation with 90 degree turns
• NBC Air filtration
• Water supply and storage, Reverse Osmosis
• Food Storage
• Metal protective anodes (where applicable), cc SPF
• Close cell spray polyurethane foam insulation
• Wired for 110v & 12v
• 12v deep cycle sealed battery
• Septic Waste system
• Emergency Generator
• Redundancy on major systems

Built for comfort, amenities include:

• Shower
• One low volume Flush Toilet
• Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
• 12v LED overhead lights
• Sleeping beds/bunks with custom made mattresses & covers
• Kitchen, living and work areas
• Personal storage areas
• Pet Boarding & ‘Business’ area within the safety confines of the structure

We offer three types of shelter construction, so call for a consultation today so we can best determine which approach will best fit the safety and survival needs of you and your loved ones.

Reinforced Concrete Structures:

• Sturdiest & most adaptable
• Offer the most amenities
• By their nature insulated & very water resistant
• Most structurally significant of the building materials
• Must be constructed on site

Corrugated Steel Structures :

• Simplest and least expensive to work with
• Designed to work in different configurations
• Majority of the amenities needed for long term stays
• Form a Faraday Cage for protection against EMP & CME)

Framed Modular Steel Structures :

• More usable cubic feet than tubular counter parts
• Less stable than other structure shapes
• Closed Cell insulation recommended for vapor barrier

Our Manufacturing Facility

Safety Shield Structures, a division of Maddox Companies, can assist you with locating the optimum ‘Bug Out’ property. Our discreet services include pre-construction site analysis and consulting, architectural support for design and function, discreet building projects off the grid, and minimal paper trails. You can be assured that all transactions remain strictly confidential. It is important to note that Safety Shield Structures can custom design and build your structure based on your input. Meetings with our design team insure that your structure meets your needs.